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Academic year 2022/2023
Application period 4 January - 30 November 2021
Dates of interviews / assessment center 25 January - 17 December 2021
Part 1: Personal information
Home school Ivey Business School (IVEY)
Home school ID number
(if applicable)
Last Name
The "Last Name" field should contain the last name of the student.
If the student is already married at the time they enter CEMS, or is getting married then the "Last Name" field should contain the student maiden name.
The meaning of this rule is that the "Last Name" should never change after the selection step, and will stay with the student all their CEMS life.
In case of marriage, before, during or after entering CEMS, or any other change of name, the new name should be entered in the "Married Name" field.
The profile name on cems.org is displayed this way :
[First Name] [Last Name] [Married Name] The default name on the CEMS certificate is [First Name] [LAST NAME] and could be modified by programme manager using the "Official Name field"
First Name
Date of birth
City of birth
Country of birth
Nationality 1
Nationality 2