HEC Paris
Academic term Term 1 2019/20
Type of course Exclusive 
Title The Business, Government, and Society 
Description Business, Government and Civil Society (BGS) is a
course about the broad political, regulatory and
societal context in which business operates. What
marijuana, electric scooters and cryptocurrencies
have in common? As such they are products, services
and activities whose impact on society is
increasingly contested call for some forms of
regulatory action. Regardless of your future sector
of activity, you will be expected to not only
understand the rapidly- changing environment around
the market and the state, but also formulate and lead
your organization’s responses to it.  
Starting date 14/11/2019 
Ending date 22/11/2019 
Week day & hours  
Course language(s) English 
ECTS credits
Teacher(s) University Alberto Alemanno, HEC, OECD 
Teacher(s) Company